How to Check and What to Do During Power Outage

By: Mark Mesiti
How to Check During Power Outage

Picture this: It’s a nice evening, and you’re relaxing at home. You’re enjoying your favourite book or watching a movie, and then suddenly, everything goes dark. Yes, that’s right – a power outage. We’ve all experienced them, but knowing what to do and how to handle them can help make life easier during these unexpected moments. 

At Top of the Mark Electrical, we often field queries about handling situations. So, we aim to guide you through understanding what a power outage is, how to know if you’re experiencing one, and the steps you can take if one happens. We’ll guide you through the process so that power outages feel less stressful, and you just know what to do.  

But, before we dive into the ‘dos’ during an outage, let’s get the basics right. 

What is a Power Outage?

A power outage, also known as a blackout, is when there’s no electricity in your area. It could be for a short while or could go on for hours. There could be many reasons why it happens, like problems at the power plant or bad weather. Knowing what a power outage is and what to do when one happens can help you feel safe and not panic. 

What Cause Power Outages

Before we dive into how to deal with a power outage, let’s first understand why they occur. Knowing the causes can help us be more prepared. 

Storms and Natural Disasters 

Inclement weather, such as heavy rains, strong winds, lightning, and snowstorms, can cause power outages. These conditions can damage power lines and other electric infrastructure leading to a power cut. Natural disasters like earthquakes or floods can also lead to a significant disruption in electrical services. 

Faults at Power Stations 

Sometimes, issues at the power stations can lead to outages. These could be a result of machinery malfunction, human errors, or any unforeseen technical issues disrupting the power generation, transmission, or distribution. 

Scheduled Maintenance or Upgrades 

Power companies often have to maintain, repair, and upgrade their equipment to ensure continuous and quality power supply. Sometimes, this may require shutting down parts of the power network which could lead to a planned power outage. 

Understanding these causes can help you anticipate potential power outages and be better prepared. 

What to Do in a Power Outage

urviving a power outage doesn’t have to involve stumbling in the darkness. Equip yourself with the knowledge and you’ll find that handling power outages can be quite manageable. Now, let’s explore the steps to take when faced with a power outage. 

1. Stay Calm 

The initial response to a power outage is often panic, but it’s crucial to remain calm. Remember, most power outages are resolved within a few hours, and panic only leads to hasty decisions that may put you or others in harm’s way. 

2. Check Your Circuit Breaker 

Before assuming there’s a widespread power outage, check your circuit breaker. Outages often happen due to simple trips in the breaker, caused by an overloaded circuit or short-circuit. A quick look can possibly save hours of unnecessary worries about a wider power issue. 

3. Check with Neighbors 

Confirm the extent of the outage by checking with neighbours. If they have power, the issue may be restricted to your home. Conversely, if they’re also experiencing an outage, it’s likely a broader issue handled by your local power company. 

4. Unplug Devices 

Electrical devices can be damaged by voltage spikes when the power returns, especially sensitive electronics like TVs, computers, and microwaves. Ensure you unplug these devices and keep them disconnected until power is fully restored. 

5. Keep Fridge and Freezer Doors Closed 

The cold air in your refrigerator and freezer can keep food items cool for several hours in the event of an outage. However, every time you open the door, cold air escapes and decreases this duration. By keeping the doors closed, you can safeguard your food for as long as possible. 

6. Use Battery-Operated Light Sources 

Lighting becomes essential during an outage, especially during night hours. Use battery-operated lamps or flashlights instead of candles to reduce the risk of fire. 

7. Notify Your Energy Provider 

Keep your energy provider informed about the outage. They might already be aware, but your call can help identify the extent of the outage. Furthermore, they might provide updated information about the likely restoration time, enabling you to plan better. 

Who to Call During Power Outage

During a power outage, knowing who to call can make the difference between confusion and effective action. Let’s explore the various contacts on your emergency list 

1. Your Local Electricity Provider 

As the agency responsible for your power supply, informing them about the outage should be your first move. The details they provide about the outage’s extent and likely restoration time can be incredibly helpful in planning your response. 

2. Family or Friends 

Prolonged outages might warrant temporarily shifting to more habitable situations, especially during extreme weather conditions. Having family or friends you can stay with temporarily can be a real lifesaver in such situations. 

3. Emergency Services 

If a power outage presents an immediate risk – for example, power lines are exposed and lying on the street – it’s crucial to alert the emergency services. They can secure the area and possibly accelerate the resolution process. 

4. Professional Electrician 

If the power outage is restricted to your home and doesn’t seem to be a downtime from the power company, it’s best to call a professional electrician. They can find and fix the issue safely and effectively. Remember, dealing with electrical problems without necessary expertise can be dangerous. 

Our team at Top of the Mark Electrical is always here to help resolve such electrical issues. Over the years, we’ve assisted countless households in Sydney in navigating through power outages efficiently. Trust in experts like us ensures your safety while restoring normalcy to your life swiftly. 

Fixing Power Outages in Your Home

Power outages can be quite a hassle, throwing your day’s plans into disarray. While some outages are beyond our control, like those caused by storms or issues at the power station, others could be due to issues we can address ourselves.  

Tripped Fuse: The Common Culprit 

A prevalent cause of power disruptions in the household is a tripped fuse, which may happen for various reasons. Understanding why a fuse trip can help you identify the issue and, in certain cases, safely restore your power supply. 

Faulty Circuit Breaker 

Your circuit breaker serves to protect your home by tripping and cutting off the power supply when there’s too much electric current. If your circuit breaker is faulty, it might trip too often or not work when needed. Both situations can cause power outages. If you’ve ruled out all other issues and the cause seems to be the breaker itself, it’s time to call a professional electrician for inspection and possible replacement. 

Overloaded Power Boards 

Overloading your power boards by plugging too many high-wattage appliances into a single board can cause the breaker to trip. Avoid overloading your power boards and ensure a balanced power distribution to prevent this issue. 

Defective Appliances 

Certain defective appliances can draw excess current, subsequently causing a fuse to trip. To find the culprit, unplug all devices from the power source, reset the circuit breaker, and methodically reconnect each device one at a time. Observe which appliance trips the breaker and consult a professional to address the issue. 

Issues in the Neighbourhood 

Power outages may sometimes be due to neighbourhood-wide problems like damaged power lines or power system failures during adverse weather. In such cases, it’s essential to report the issue to your local electricity provider promptly. 

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